Nelkin Real Estate is a family-owned and operated enterprise established in 1955. The company's portfolio includes apartments, retail, industrial and office buildings across the Southeast.

The company's 900+ apartments are located within the following Atlanta neighborhoods: Briarcliff, Brookhaven, Clarkston, Decatur, and Forest Park. Its wide selection combined with affordable pricing allows Nelkin Real Estate to accommodate a large market within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Nelkin Real Estate's 1,000,000+ square feet commercial portfolio is spread out over the Southeast in states including Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

Nelkin Real Estate partners with Majestic Realty to ensure that its properties are well maintained and that its tenants are taken care of. It is the goal of Nelkin Real Estate to provide quality facilities---whether it be for residential or commercial use---for all of its tenants. Please feel free to contact Nelkin Real Estate if you would like additional information about the company.
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