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Nelkin Real Estate partners with Majestic Realty for the professional management of their properties. Majestic Realty's team of multi-family and commercial management specialists provide personalized attention to its tenants and goes above and beyond to maintain and improve the properties.


Majestic Realty's in-house maintenance and repairs team sets them apart from other management companies. Having a team of experienced technicians allows Majestic Realty to address repairs quickly. The company prides itself for having a professional and efficient maintenance staff.


Large, well-known brokerages hold our main commercial listings. Some leasing is done in-house as well. We keep tenant use in mind to assure that the properties have a tenant-mix that is destined for success.


Yardi Voyager Systems are utilized across all Nelkin Real Estate properties. Through Yardi, we are able to provide our tenants will a comprehensive and high-tech solution to facilitate smooth payment transactions, maintenance work flows, deposit accounting, and more. One feature to highlight is Yardi's Commercial and Residential Cafe payment portals...

• It’s Secure – Commercial Café uses bank-level encryption and we never have access to your banking information

• It’s Fast – You get credit for your online payments immediately!

• It’s Convenient – View your charges and make payments from your bank account, debit or credit card from anywhere, even on your mobile device! You can also set up automatic payments for your convenience. 

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